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80% of MVNO revenue is generated by 20% of subscribers and some of the businesses are still unable to analyze the top spenders in detail. However, it is only a tiny part of Telecoms’ data one must tap into, yet crucial in order to understand the patterns and even identify abusive users early.

MVNOanalytics BI will enable you to dive deep into all the data you see important and gather insights vital for the business.

As a token of our commitment to the MVNOs, we would like to offer a free integration of your MVNO platform to our Business Intelligence cloud and give you a 30 days of free data analysis and reporting.

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    We’ve been working with MVNO/Es and MNOs for nearly a decade and understand the importance and best practices of data analytics and reporting. BI solutions are yet too expensive for smaller MVNOs, therefor we came up with a cloud-based self-service solution that is now affordable even for the emerging players.

    A real view of one of our BI dashboards

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